InSummary automates your work.

InSummary connects with your calendar and automatically generates AI Powered Performance Reviews and AI Powered Status Reports that save you time.

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InSummary simplifies the work you need to do about the work you already did. It identifies and communicates your work focus and accomplishments so you don't have to. Don't waste another minute gathering data and instead focus on standing out.

Automated Self-Evaluations

InSummary drafts your self evaluation responses using your calendar data. Simply review and refine the personalized reflections to have an accurate and impactful review in 90% less time.

Optimized Peer Selection

InSummary identifies the colleagues who you worked with on your most impactful projects. It reminds both you and your colleague what you worked on together so you can each write insightful peer reviews.

Impactful Testimonials

InSummary drafts reviews that you can use for your peers – and that they can use for you – all based on your calendar data.  You and your peer can submit impactful feedback that tells a complete story without having to research what you accomplished together.
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Credit card mockups

Automated Weekly Summaries

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Intelligently Categorized & Contextualized

InSummary automatically identifies your work streams, allowing you to understand how you spent your time and where you should spend more.

Customizable & Easily Shareable

InSummary makes it easy to share your progress with your team and managers, saving you 90% of the work. Just copy, paste, and tweak for better status updates in minutes.